Creating a High Converting Opt in Page For your Brand Business

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Are you looking to build your online business? You do know it all starts with an irresistible opt-in offer, right? The giveaway you use to entice people into handing over their email address in exchange for something truly valuable you offer.

You might have heard different names for it: lead magnet, freebie offer, opt-in offer, or an ethical bribe. These are all used to describe a piece of content (or something tangible like a gift coupon or a discount for physical products) whose sole purpose is to build your email list.

You ask people to fill out a form with their name and email address with the promise of sending them something so irresistible that it makes for a no-brainer offer. So how do you actually create something like that? Well, glad you asked. This post will take you through my fail-proof process which has turned many business owners into very happy business owners. And when you apply these guidelines, you will be happy too.

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Offer a Targeted Solution

Your opt-in offer doesn’t have to solve all of your audience’s problems. As a marketer, it’s tempting to want to offer a wide range of solutions in order to cast a wide net. While that aspiration is admirable, an opt-in offer isn’t the place to exercise it. Just as we’ve encouraged in target audience research, narrow is better. Being too broad can negatively impact your business and exhaust your resources and team.

Take a look at some top marketing agencies, for example. They offer a wide variety of services, but most times, their rebranding Checklist focuses on one precise pain point. This helps their customers stay focused and reach a single targeted solution, making it a much more powerful offer. You can check How To Build A Real Successful Home-based Online Business.

Infuse your personality and branding

Another thing to keep in mind while creating your opt-in offer is to infuse your personality in your content. Because the next step for people to take is to buy one of your products or decide to work with you (and I’ll talk more about that next), get your people used to what’s it like learning from you.

For this reason I don’t recommend that you outsource this task. Don’t ask someone else to create a white paper, a report of an eBook for your business. Your readers will feel disconnected after.

When there is uniformity of voice in your squeeze page copy, when the branding works with the rest of your website, people find it easier to transition. Compare that to a pdf as an opt-in where the written voice is totally different. When you follow up with these people, there will be jarring effect and you might even see people unsubscribe leading to low over all conversions.

Be Consistent With Your Overall Message or Product Offering

The purchase (or download) path on which consumers travel is a fragile one. Bombarded with constant noise and distraction, it’s easy to change direction with a simple click. For a moment, remove your marketer hat and put on your consumer one. When browsing the web, how often do you jump around websites, pages, and posts? How many tabs do you have open right now? Don’t think that your audience doesn’t behave the same way.

It’s this fragility that makes consistency so important. Your opt-in offer must match your overall message and offering, especially that of the content you used to pitch your opt-in offer.

Make sure it takes people on your sales path

As I was mentioning earlier, your opt-in should be strategic so it takes the people who sign up through your sales funnel.

They opt in and receive the freebie. Then you take them through a sequence of emails, where you make an introductory, low dollar offer in the end. This way they will enter your sales funnel and you can upsell more higher priced or premium offerings later.

If they don’t buy, you can start the follow up sequence and/or make another offer soon. For all of this to work, make sure your opt-in is something that gets people closer to doing business with you. If it doesn’t, the conversions don’t mean anything.

Provide Value Not Otherwise Offered on Your Website or Blog

While your opt-in offer must remain consistent with your overall message, it doesn’t have to mirror it. If your audience can go elsewhere on your website or blog to access the information within your opt-in (without providing valuable personal information), why would they download it?

For an opt-in offer to be valuable enough to warrant sharing information, it must not be accessible elsewhere on your site. Your opt-in offer must dive deeper and provide bigger, better information. It can’t simply be a blog post disguised as a well-designed pdf; it must be more distinctive.

Perhaps “distinctive” for your business is a sample of your services, a free course, or a weekly newsletter containing premium information. The type of opt-in offer you create depends on a variety of factors, but the hallmark of each one should be exclusivity and value.

Choose the right format

Often people don’t give much thought to the format. They don’t understand that they actually have a number of options to choose from.

For example, you might offer an eBook, a PDF report, an email course delivered straight to your reader’s inbox via your email service provider – and these are some of the more obvious choices. You could also do cheat sheets, checklists, workbooks or printables. Finally a list of tools or resources, a case study, your personal swipe file, a quiz or access to Facebook group also make great lead magnets.

People don’t realize that they can also do an audio or a video format so an mp3 recording of an interview or a podcast, they can do a webinar or a video tutorial or a quick one-on-one call. You might even offer a live event recording.

The most important thing is to know what format your audience responds to you the most. And also the format you are most comfortable offering something in. If your audience digs your blog content, stick with the first set of options (written format). If they prefer audio or video, consider the second set. As long as you stay relevant to their needs, you’ll turn it into a compelling offer.


Regardless of what type of incentive you offer in exchange for an opt-in page, remember this: The goal is to make an offer your audience can’t refuse. Make an offer so good that your audience might consider paying for it.

Keep your opt-in offers relevant, targeted, and consistent, and you’ll watch your email list surge with new subscribers.

We are Passionate about Creating Funnels.Want to Know More About Funnels? An online sales funnel is a marketing term used to describe the sales process of attracting online traffic, capturing leads, nurturing prospective customers, converting leads into sales, delivering goods and satisfying customer demands, upselling customers, and obtaining referrals from current customers.